Preparation of a new Renewable Energy Directive for the period after 2020

17 November, 2015 | Presse

On 18 November the European Commission launched an European public Consultation entitled “Preparation of a new Renewable Energy Directive for the period after 2020”. 

The objective of this survey is to consult stakeholders and citizens on the new renewable energy directive (REDII) for the period 2020-2030, foreseen before the end of 2016. Later on, the bioenergy sustainability policy issue, which will form part as well of the new renewable energy package, will be covered by a separate public consultation.

  • European consultation period: 18 November 2015 to 10 February 2016

For the period after 2020, binding national targets are replaced by a binding EU-level target of at least 27% renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2030 without sectorial targets or binding targets at national level. According to the EU Commission a new approach to target achievement therefore needs to be developed in a sustainable and cost-effective way. For this purpose, EU measures could be put in place and be designed to deliver on a number of objectives of the Energy Union:

  • create a market-based environment in which renewables can attract the required investments cost-efficiently;
  • foster regional cooperation and regional projects;
  • empower consumers to deploy cost-optimal renewable energy solutions;
  • incentivise the roll-out of new and innovative technologies; and
  • ensure that any potential gap arising in reaching the at least 27% renewable energy target, in terms of either ambition or delivery, is filled.

A number of questions are posed in this respect, including under what circumstances EU measures could be used or activated, how to share potential costs in a fair and equitable way and how to ensure participation by all Member States.

For contributing at the EU Consultation:

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